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Awesome report for analysing thread dumps.

So far best Gc reporting tool

Nice toolken e

By derek.bennett, iongroup

In the sentence, "Our analysis tells that GCs are triggerred because Metadata occupany is reaching it's limits quite often. 6 GCs were triggered because of this reason. It should be reduced for better application performance", 'triggered' and 'occupancy' are spelled incorrectly. Also, I am unclear about how to interpret the message. Are you saying that I should consider reducing MetaSpace, reducing what I am putting into MetaSpace, or both? As far as reducing what I am putting into MetaSpace, how do I discover what code is causing MetaSpace to fill-up?

So far best Gc reporting tool

Good one

this is cool, no need to install and free

By gabrieleisbruch

Very nice, I would like to see new futures in the feature

I happy with this. Expecting some in detailed explanation about bugs/issues in dump file. Give some suggestions to overcome those. So that it will help end user.

It is quite good but would also require what queries were blocking

Thanks for this tool. It's very simple to use it. It will be the best if we can export in locate file.

So far best Gc reporting tool

This is really helpful

So far best Gc reporting tool

New UI is very cool

So far best Gc reporting tool

So far best Gc reporting tool

Very good tool to troubleshoot your JVM configuration

great insight.

So far best Gc reporting tool

So far best Gc reporting tool

By skrabalja

Awesome online tool for quick analysis! Shows exactly what I needed in details.

what does unclassifed mean?

Good report, but takes some time to display

By 694614402, qq

why havn't 'stop the word' Graphs

By nethaji.meda

Super report

So far best Gc reporting tool

By pfeng, coupang

GCeasy is the most impressive tool I ever seen for GC analysis

awesome tool for quick analysis of the GC.

The report does not nearly begin to show the underlying issue.

Its very useful report. Thanks !!

So far best Gc reporting tool


Thank you for this awesome tool!

By gh.hamed.cs

awesome service

it looks great

So far best Gc reporting tool

By narayan.surya

First time i got to know about this tool and it was very helpful to quickly analyze and find problems with thread dumps. Lot of search what we do on dumps are made as informative graphs.

Cool analysis tool and everything online :-)

The tip at the top relates to Metaspace, but most GC time was due to YG allocation failure

So far best Gc reporting tool

By haibabuni

Awesome tool. Really helped me many many times.

By haibabuni

Awesome tool. Really helped me many many times.

the quickest and best way to look my gc logs

Great work with this service to visualise GC logs. Thanks

Looks great!

So far best Gc reporting tool

very good tool, very helpful and clear

great tool for quick and detailed analysis

I think "Max GC Time" was calculated incorrectly. Is your tool really can correctly parse logs of CMS GC?

best analyzer ever!

I??m really thankful, you have made my daily life very easy. I use your gceasy.io very frequently ( i dont like to use IBM application its to heavy and representation is not so cool ). I really really appreciate to great work???

Looks fantastic online tool.

So far best Gc reporting tool

By tanglin0123, 126

I like this tool very much!

Precise, concise, practical.

https://blog.gceasy.io/2016/11/22/increase-throughput/ is till under construction :) Would be happy to see some tips.

this is so awesome! so much easier to use and get results than GCViewer.

Perfect analyse


Very Good

By ssrinivas.is, gmailc

Excellent report. I didn't expect in detail.. thanks for providing.

It's great ! Thank you.

By polu.amar

Nice tool..thanks for the work

By polu.amar

Hi It's a nice work almost you make 100% work for system admin.. is there any kind of Jar or any application where we can install in our local like samuari,threadlogic tools?

So far best Gc reporting tool

By earic20pal

great tool took less then a sec to analyze


By thanhvd84

good report

By tamibe

Nice work, keep it up.

very good!

Very helpful Analyse-Tool.

Your product is improving every week

By sxamt

The only thing missing is the CPU utilization. F.e. if I want to decide whether I need to play with GC in order to reduce CPU I am not sure I have this info here. F.e. if I saw here that CPU utilization is 3% during GC then I would know that there is no use to even try, the win would be pretty much zero. However, if that is 30-40%, than it's worth it.

please provide us a desktop client as well its really helpfull

By garrett.prochnow, perspectium

This has been very cool


this is good

A really cool tool for GC analysis

I like this report

there is a java level deadlock in this dump. but the report says there are no deadlock.

So far best Gc reporting tool

very handy


useful tool, thanks for the work!

By gururajabasava



So far best Gc reporting tool

By milu.tcs

Very Good and very in depth analysis of GC log.

So far best Gc reporting tool

By sshankla

Using it almost daily. Superb tool.

By sshankla

Very good report and makes life so much easier. A small suggestion; if there could be a feature that plots the heap usage (before and after) GC in one graph also. How long you reckon to keep it free of cost?

So far best Gc reporting tool

So far best Gc reporting tool

So far best Gc reporting tool

So far best Gc reporting tool


Good one!

Good One to use it to understand the Garbage collection


By mohankrishna_M, ymail

Love fast thread.io. Keep up the good work and please post the news about new tool. Love the GC tool aswell

By koulvivek


Such an easy to use tool, available on the internet that just tells you exactly what you want. Just makes my life so much easier

This is indeed great. Thanks

Great stuff, thanks a lot!

This is very helpful. Thanks a ton for the tool.

So far best Gc reporting tool

This is awesome!


Amazing UI. Very informative. Great job guys!!

Excellent tool

It lacks GC overhead graph like IBM GC analyzer has. Also there should be more info about throughput, 65.8% throughput is by no means healthy...

Great. Very Simple to use

Excellent, Very useful.

Can you also recommend GC tuning suggestions based on the type of JDK/JRE in use?

So far best Gc reporting tool

So far best Gc reporting tool

awesome, Thank you

So far best Gc reporting tool

By andrey.ashomok

Thank you for this tool. It helps me to analyze my gc.log

this is an awesome tool

By ozyavin

Hi This is a great initiative, however, in this case, the CMS contentiously triggered due to XX:CMSInitiatingOccupancyFraction and JVM bytes allocation rate stayed the same. i cannot understand it from yhr report

So far best Gc reporting tool

By subhash.punani

Excellent Analysis tool. Almost every details is provided in reports

I came across gceasy.io sometime back and since then its the first link on my bookmarks bar. Excellent tool.

So far best Gc reporting tool

good tool

good tool

good tool

good tool

Really really, so great!

So far best Gc reporting tool

So far best Gc reporting tool

I need ability to crop some period of data to use in statistics.

By michal.pedzialek, codewise

Is there any way of zooming out? If its there I wasn't able to find it. GC Duration Summary: I'd like to see more ranges there. Too much GC: The app response time is pretty good even if overall GC time is above 5% value. Maybe this label should not be displayed when avg gc time is low and st. dev. time is small.

Having pause time durations in the report is somewhat more interesting than having a total GC cycle time. This can be critical in applications which are clustered as if a heartbeat fails to be sent because of a long pause, then it can be catastrophic as the cluster can split.

By pnakum, ismnet

Good work; keep up free sharing

Heap Usage after GC shows a clear climb with a plateau -- and no release of memory. This is a classic leak, but your web page shows "No major memory leaks."

By gaston.perez, software

This is excellent. It saved me tons of time to analyze and tune my GCs. Big thank you to your team.

Awesome !

So far best Gc reporting tool


This is by far the best GC viewer I have used.

Good work! Would be helpful to add links that takes you to the definitions of some of the terms. Thanks

So far best Gc reporting tool

So far best Gc reporting tool

Excellent analysis tool.

this is a great tool you guys fucking rule

Very good tool, thanks

So far best Gc reporting tool

Please provide PDF downloadable option of the report

Can you provide some resolution for the reported issue?

So far best Gc reporting tool

really loved it it made my job easy


graph so cute..


Very useful tool.

Very useful tool.


By veera42

This is excellent

This report provided all the details i am looking for . it is very helpful for non-java folks( sys admins) to understand whats happening with GC.

Awesome tool...Please do provide a standalone version too...

It is not clear which timezone it does the conversion to

Would be helpful to have the total gc pause time

Excellent work

By saurabhkumar.mishra

Awesome handy tool


It would be nice if we could upload compressed gc log files

By bb.bartosz

no graphs!

This is a great tool. Thank you.

Very fantastic

By sarat, manh

Excellent Tool. User friendly and provide just the right information in the simplest way

By vellingiri.d, hcl

Excellent tool

By sandeeplnct2001

Good UI

Awesome tool buddy!

Got all required info and it is very useful

By vinay.netha, covisint

It would be great if you can put an app that can be download instead of making it available only online

I would like the possibility the examine in detail the behaviour during a single day. Our application exhibits a recurrent daily pattern that could be useful to explode in detail.

By alexandre.maurer, zkb

Just great! Very usefull

By alexandre.maurer, zkb

It might be a good idea to add the Standard Deviation together with Average Times; the latter are not informative enough and... misleading. Looking at this graph, one sees that some high values are biasing the average values. BTW : what is a "Long Pause" ?


This is HIGHLY useful - hope you have the funding to keep this going.

How come is missing a 14sec GC pause after ParNew promotion failure 2016-05-03T17:12:33.116+0000: 76178.291: Total time for which application threads were stopped: 14.3954540 seconds

By arolle, facilitylive

This is a great tool! Is there a way to automate this chart generation with Jenkins or via command line?

Excelent tool, helps to understand the contents of a GC file and to diagnose problems

Great, looking forward to it becoming open source too! Possible bug with JRockit is the Young/Old Generation summary always says n/a and n/a. The time on the graph says "Time UTCnull". Otherwise very good!

Superb Site.... :)

Simply Excellent!


"Share this report" is a big relief, now we don't have to take the snapshot the images. Good

Can you build a tool that will parse thread dumps as well :-)?

By tarunhasija3



I'm impressed with the results which shares complete details re issue/solutions every detail. Keep it up team!!Cheers

By vwali, sapient

Hi, Firstly a big congratulations on such an easy and efficient tool for GC log analysis. I have a couple of questions though and would appreciate if you can provide an answer for them. · Does the tool support gc logs with Metaspace info or is only Permspace data supported · How big the GC log files need to be for good analysis? I have a multiple gc log files (we use gc log rotation) but the tool cannot take in more than one file at a time. regards, VW

Love it

By itsfarhankhan


By artspace1986

Thanks a lot for your answer. I will check the link. And again, your tool is a GREAT one!!!

Do one for thread dumps!!!

Gceasy is very good,thanks.It helps a lot.

this service is a great support, quick an easy. Thx many times !!! If I would have one wish for free, I'd ask for a function to store a given report as a PDF locally ... :-)

By greg.junkietech

Great report! Would enjoy to have standard functionalities like share (e.g. permalink), save and print (PDF). Thank you!

This is such a useful tool - I'll use it even if I have to pay for it.

The report was very useful.

By vinodavanti

There should have been SAVE report button once the report is generated.

Report tells exactly what happened!

Its a excellent tool

By rajeshwar.vadheraju, fisglobal

appreciate if you could add pause time chart, add time(not just date) to x axis when interactive grpahs are drilled down and add date/time based filtering to graphs.

It helped a lot

By jacksilas

We manage multiple applications. Each application uses different GC settings. Some uses G1 GC, some uses CMS GC, there are very few applications who are still on Serial GC. Your tool is handling all l

Very nice tool. Cons: Instead of time I can see only hh:mm on X-axis.

Good reports. Simple and easy to understand

Tool is good. Can you provide a feature so that we can download the report in the PDF format? OR some kind of shareable link with other engineers in the organization?. Thanks.

By Ramesh.Ramnath

Good information. If you can also suggest recommended settings for G1 GC - it will be more useful

great tool, impressive


By Andrey

Tool helped to solve the memory leak problem we experienced for months at ease. Thanks you sooo much!!!

Excellent analysis!

By kotol

Dear developers! Please, add possibility export report to email, etc..

awesome is all I can say dont have to go for downloads and mess with the java settings on the machine. Simply best tool i ever used.

By jiangyongfd

Just want to ask, is your gceasy project open-sourced on github? I would like to add contribution if you don't mind it.

Very nice job! I'd love to see even just some basic suggestions on how to fix (i.e. what additional flags can be set/removed that might help)

The tool is very useful.

It would be cool if you could generate a .pdf report!

By miguel220369

Very clear information, great graphs, easy to use.....really good app, thanks

By toddlersandor

Cool ...

By toddlersandor

Pros: * Very impressed with your graphs, especially the interactive ones.... * The information you provide through you ? is great... * Your summary tables/graphs are very useful * Saves lots of time - much better then manually grepping the logs... Cons: * None ...[other than I can't find where you document the git repository URL to download the code from :-)] Todd Sandor

By azeemj

Hi, Your gceasy log analyzer is amazing! Thank you for providing this feature free. One suggestion is if the page could show the GC commandline somewhere. I realize I can open the log file and see it there, but this would make it convenient. Azeem Jiva @javawithjiva

By arunsri10

Would appreciate if we include throughput and pause details

By ned.fischer, workday

Great analytics. I've been looking for a simple online GC analysis tool like this for a long time. One small enhancement request: issue a warning if System.gc() is the cause of any of the GCs.

By mestudying, sina

it's ok.

By Joshu.johson

Purposeful tool. so simple to use

simple and great!

By mslinn, micronauticsresearch

Looks like an interesting tool. It would be really useful if it could make suggestions:Settings for best use of current memory, Suggested memory amount and , settings for best performance, Problems encountered, etc, Thanks, Mike

By abalestrieri, pic-informatica

Fantastic!!! Great!

By anand, apple

Purposeful tool. so simple to use

in your GC statistics panel Measurement Duration is divided on hours, minutes and seconds. I think that accordingly Time spent in Minor/Full GC should also have this division.

very useful report. Thanks for the service

Easy to understand summary stats and graphs. Have not checked accuracy...

By hellobhaskar

when i grep my log for full gc i find only one occurrence where as the report shows multiple occurrences.Also recommendations for G1 would be a better option

Can't say how much I love this tool.

By laurent.malvert, sap

Hello, First of all, congrats on the gceasy.io tool. It.s pretty amazing. I have one question though: you do mention that the tool is free in your FAQ, but you do not necessarily clarify the licensing when it comes to reusing the reports and their graphics. Is it ok to use them and put them in a blog post? Or a company report? With or without accreditation? Thanks a lot in advance for your clarification.

By Scott.Gardner, sas

I used GC easy for the first time today. Fantastic! I have one problem/question? why doesn.t it show any data for my OLD and PERM gen spaces? I.ve tried a few different files, same results. I.ll attach one to this email.